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Eye Catching Holiday Decorating Ideas to Impress Your Guests, According to Your Zodiac Sign.

Posted on December 06 2021

Eye Catching Holiday Decorating Ideas to Impress Your Guests, According to Your Zodiac Sign.

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Create a seasonal display with inspiration from your zodiac sign.

 If you're like us, then decorating the house for the upcoming holiday season is right up there with shopping sales and drinking eggnog. We all have our own unique style when it comes to adding festive cheer to our living spaces, so why not incorporate your zodiac sign into your seasonal displays? Here are some decorating ideas according to your sign's personality traits.



Aries are natural-born leaders known for being fearless and impulsive.

You love the smell of bright-colored, scented candles and lots of lights.

Your tree is decorated with large ornaments and usually has a bold theme.


 Taurus are known for their attention to detail and their high standards.

You like to decorate with themed pillows, blankets, and greenery like poinsettias and evergreens. Your tree decoration would focus on red and gold colors with wooden ornaments in between.


 Geminis like to talk are quick-witted and extroverted.

You love whimsy conversation pieces; think whimsical animals made out of lights or glass baubles.

You love to decorate your tree with multi-colored lights and glittery ornaments.


 Cancers have deep emotions and a love for family and tradition, which means you're likely to decorate their home with classic Christmas colors.

Your home feels cozy with a real old-fashioned tree with candy cane and gingerbread decorations throughout the house.



Leos are known for being dramatic, competitive, and confident.

You love big, bold displays, and decorate your tree with lots of gold and oversized glam and glitz. Most likely, you will also have the most prominent outdoor display on your street.


 Virgos are traditionalists and very hands-on when decorating.

You get excited about the holiday season by adding fresh wreaths and other greenery to your decorations. Your tree most likely has a farmhouse theme with handmade ornaments and neutral colors.


 Libras are social butterflies, nostalgic, and minimalists at heart.

You are aesthetically minded when it comes to decorating and have an eye for balance and symmetry. Much like Virgos, you like fresh wreaths and handmade ornaments, and your tree is decorated in classic colors.


Scorpios are intense, moody, and mysterious.

You can't live without dark chocolate treats, and they are essential in your decorating theme. You might opt-out of having a traditional tree and alternatively decorate ladders and wooden tree-shaped mobiles with vintage ornaments and baubles.



Sagittarians are passionate, bold, and charismatic.

You get bored quickly by repetitive decorating schemes and love to have tabletop figurines like reindeer and snow globes. Pops of bright colors and warm wintery accents are your go tos as well.

Twinkling lights, garlands, and wooden ornaments will adorn your tree.


 Capricorns are grounded, loyal, and love the finer things in life.

You take your inspiration from the natural elements and love wood figurines like nutcrackers, paper lights, candles, and wreaths.

Your tree is full of bright lights, ornaments, baubles, and beaded garlands.


 Aquarians are known for being creative, intelligent, and nontraditional.

You love ethical and sustainable decorations with natural fibers and textures, like pinecones and burlap.

You decorate your tree with rope garlands and ornaments in a soft beige and blue color scheme.


 Pisces' are imaginative, intuitive, and deep thinkers.

You love the holidays, nostalgia, and whimsical shows throughout your house. Green and red colors dominate in bows, throw pillows, plaid blankets, and nick-nacks.

You decorate your tree like a Christmas Wonderland, nothing is too much, and everything goes.



No matter your sign or your decorating style, enjoy the season with your loved ones, reminisce, and make some new memories for years to come.

 Love, Light, and Empathy,

Your Spiritual Planet Family.




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