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Aqua Agate Round Phone Grip


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Aqua Agate Round Phone Grip

Stunning Natural Agate slices polished and mounted on a phone grip,

Grab this one-of-a-kind phone grip to add natural beauty to your everyday style.

Practical and fashionable, this agate phone grip makes it easy to hold your phone and cleanse your mind at the same time!

Use it as a stand for watching videos or as a grip for selfies and texting. 

Please choose the exact stone you would like to purchase from the drop-down menu referencing the pictures' number.

The phone grip has a 3m brand adhesive. Make sure your phone case or phone surface is clean and dry before placement.

Remove the protective paper from the sticker and press the sticky side onto your desired space, holding it for 30 to 60 seconds for maximum adherence.

Please note, Agate slices can break, crack or chip if you drop your phone. We are not responsible for broken pieces.

The size of each agate slice varies between 1.8” to 3”

For size reference, the phone cases pictured are for an iPhone XS Max 6.5 screen


Due to the nature of real crystals, rocks, and gemstones, the pieces will have natural variations in color, details, and overall appearance.

Due to the many different display settings, colors might appear slightly different on the shipped item.

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