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Black Obsidian Protection Kit

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Moody and mysterious in appearance this crystal has the power to reveal hidden intentions.

Grounded in the root chakra, Black Obsidian aids in uncovering deep feelings and surfacing subconscious fears.

It is also a powerful cleanser within your aura and has strong metaphysical abilities to protect you against negativity.

Product Details

You will receive a set of 4 stones in an organza pouch

Pyramide   with its even sides, serves as a reminder of strength and stability. 

Spehre       perfect roundness symbolizes wholeness and aids in the flow of energy

Heart          improves your intuitive self to increase harmonic energy

Raw Stone is the most powerful and carries the pure untampered essence of the crystal

Size of each item: 1.5" to 2"

Due to the nature of real crystals/gemstones, the pieces will have natural variations in color, details, and overall appearance.

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