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The Trevor Project was Founded in 1998 and is the leading national nonprofit charity for crisis intervention and suicide-prevention for young people of the LGBTQ+ community; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning youth. The suicide and crisis rates for young people in the LGBTQ community are alarmingly high. We believe that Love is Love and that people should have the right and freedom to live and love as their true authentic selves! We also believe that everyone deserves access to resources for mental health and crisis intervention, which is exactly what the Trevor Project does. They provide the resources, such as accredited lifesaving and life affirming programs, all across the country! The Trevor Project also has a hotline that is open 24/7 and free to call for anyone who is in need.


We Specifically chose this charity because, as a business co-owned by a young queer woman who also works in the psychology field, we decided that we must help our community and the young people of America who face some of the most challenging times regarding mental health. We want to show our support and appreciation to all the lives saved by The Trevor Project by donating a portion of our quarterly sales. If you would like to support The Trevor Project, please check out our website and know that you are helping to support and save the lives of at-risk young adults with every purchase.


Learn the signs, the facts, and how you can help prevent suicide.

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