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Angel Number 888 Script Necklace


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Introducing the Balance Necklace 888 – a truly unique piece of jewelry that will help you manifest your desires!

The number 888 represents a message of balance. 

Balance is represented by the mirror image of the top and bottom of the 8. If your life has recently felt out of balance, seeing 888 indicates that balance will be restored. It may also imply that you must prioritize balance in your life in the future. 

It also represents a strong sense of accomplishment and desire to achieve your objectives. Representing participation in the karmic cycle, you will receive back what you put into the universe.

Whether you're hoping for more success in your career, more love in your life, or more abundance in general, this angel number necklace is a perfect reminder to keep your vibration high and attract all the good things you desire. So go ahead and make your wish list because, with this necklace, it's only a matter of time before your dreams come true!

This beautiful  necklace features a stunning script design and a gold-plated chain with a lobster claw closure

Choose between a curb or the more dainty box chain to complete your look.

 Product Details

Pendant: script is approx. 0.75" in height, the length varies with numbers of letters

Color: Gold

Materials: Gold plated

Closure: Lobster claw

Length: 17" 

Choose between a curb or the more dainty box chain to complete your look.


Due to the many different display settings, colors might appear slightly different on the shipped item.