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Angel Number 11:11 Bar Necklace


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Introducing the 11:11 bar necklace – a truly unique piece of jewelry that will help you  connect to the universe and the angels all around you!

The number 11:11 represents a message of connection.
This stunning piece is the perfect way to show your connection to the universe! The angel number 11:11 is a powerful symbol of guidance and protection, and this necklace will help you stay connected to your higher purpose and stay attuned to the signs of the universe.

Whether you're hoping for more success in your career, more love in your life, or more abundance in general, this angel number necklace is a perfect reminder to keep your vibration high and attract all the good things you desire. So go ahead and make your wish list because, with this necklace, it's only a matter of time before your dreams come true!

This beautiful  necklace features a beautiful pendant with engraved design and a gold-plated chain with a lobster claw closure

 Product Details

Pendant: bar is approx. 0.5" in height,  "0.75" in width

Color: Gold

Materials: Gold plated

Closure: Lobster claw

Length: 17" 

Due to the many different display settings, colors might appear slightly different on the shipped item.