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Live, Love, Laugh -Inspirational Wall Hanging


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"Live like it’s heaven on earth, Love like you have never been hurt, laugh like no one is listening, Sing as if no one can hear, Dance as if nobody’s watching, Dream, like there are no impossibilities, Play like there are no winners, Give like you have plenty, Smile till your face hurts, Cherish your family & friends everyday"


This Inspirational Wall Hanging is the missing piece in your "Sacred Space" also called your home, let the affirmation guide you and imagine this banner bring you serenity wherever you place it.

 Our red banner with its screen-printed affirmation is made of 100% cotton and includes wooden dowels with an attached string for easy and secure display options.

Product Details

Height: 48"  Width: 16"

Made in Indonesia

Due to the many different display settings, colors might appear slightly different on the shipped item.

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