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Orgone 7 Chakra Pyramid Set


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Orgone Pyramids are known for their ability to convert negative energy into positive energy and balance the emotional, spiritual and physical body. The long list of benefits includes, relieving stress, supporting restful sleep, detoxify water and even improve plant growth.

The 7 Chakra Pyramids are nestled in a sturdy MDF box with beautiful decorative cutouts on all sides and laser engraved chakra symbols on the removable top.

Box Size: 11"L x 2"W x 1.5"H

Pyramid Size: 1"H x 1.3"W 

Due to the nature of real crystals/gemstones, the pieces will have natural variations in color, details, and overall appearance.

Due to the many different display settings, colors might appear slightly different on the shipped item.

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