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Rose Quartz Organite Massage Wand


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This absolutely stunning Rose Quartz Orgonite Massage Wand fits in the palm of your hand with a rounded end to spread and collect energy, and a pointed end to direct the energy.

Orgone works to clear your surroundings of negativity and harmful environmental elements. It also amplifies the energies and healing properties of the Rose Quartz crystals within.

This lovely Rose Quartz has a soft pink tone is known as the stone of the heart and the Crystal of Love.

It carries an essence of compassion and empathy, softness and healing, peace, and comfort.

Rose Quartz works directly with your Heart Chakra, has the power to assist in dissolving emotional wounds, and helps create divine loving energy for the spiritualist.

Rose Quartz is an amazing gift to help you truly give and receive love from others.

Length: 7"

Due to the nature of real crystals/gemstones, the pieces will have natural variations in color, details, and overall appearance. 

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