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Beginners Guide to What the F*@% are Chakras?

Posted on November 15 2019

Beginners Guide to What the F*@% are Chakras? - The Spiritual Planet

The Chakras are seven energy points in your body acting as holding centers of our personal spiritual powers. These energy bundles are used in many different cultures and practices for healing and self-growth.

 Your Chakras can be blocked, open or be over active, and one of the ways to live your life as a spiritually healthy person is to unblock these energy points.

  The Chakras are located down the body from the top of the head to the bottom of the body.


 The first Chakra or Crown Chakra is located above the head. Some spiritualists consider this the last and others consider it the first chakras. I will be calling it the first as it is at the top of the body.

The Crown Chakra represents our connection to the universe and the divine, it is represented by the color purple.

A balanced crown chakra will present a clear mind and your connection with the divine will be strong, you may have great difficulty learning and growing in your spiritual path if your chakra is unbalanced.


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The Third Eye Chakra is located on the forehead in between the eyes. This is the Chakra of intuition, manifestation, and possible psychic abilities, represented by the color indigo.

You may have heard of a third eye awakening or third eye open statements, because many people begin their spiritual path when this chakra opens for the first time.

This type of awakening can occur from intense learning, or from a spiritual experience like yoga or an unexplainable mystical occurrence. If your third eye chakra is blocked you may not trust your intuition and may not be able to see the big picture. 

The next Chakra is called the Throat Chakra, and is located in, you guessed it, your throat! This is the Chakra of communication. If this chakra is open you will have the capability to speak up for yourself and communicate in effective ways to others. If this chakra is blocked you may notice people often misunderstand you or you may be too shy to verbalize your wants and needs. This Chakra is represented by the color blue.

Next we have the Heart Chakra, located in the chest, this one is represented by the color green! We are so used to hearts being represented by pink and red however not according to the chakras. I actually love this because green represents earth and the planet and so it makes sense that the heart chakra is also green, reaffirming our love and connection to our Spiritual Planet. If your heart chakra is open, you are willing to give and receive love. However if it is blocked you may find compassion and empathy for others difficult.

The next Chakra is The Solar Plexus. This is the Chakra of confidence! Having an open Solar Plexus can show that you are confident in what you do and your life path! However if blocked you may find yourself unsure and fearful. This one is located in the gut and is represented by the color yellow!


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The Sacral Chakra is next and is located below the navel. This is the chakra for emotions, sensuality, and creativity! Having this chakra open brings feelings about others and the world around you, which is very important for happiness and general well-being. Blocked you may feel shielded from receiving pleasure and emotions in your personal life. This chakra is represented by the color orange.

 Last but definitely not least is the Root Chakra. This Chakra is represented by the color red. This is the Chakra of stability and the home. If this chakra is blocked you may feel financially unstable and unsafe in the world. However if this chakra is open you are strong and fearless. Your basic needs like food, safety, shelter will be met and your connections to family and friends will be strong.


 Chakras correspond with the emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual states of consciousness in each of us and opening them can be an intense experience for many and it can take years healing all Chakras. 

In the future we will be posting more about how to figure out which chakras are blocked, how to unblock chakras, combat over-active chakras, and all the many different methods and approaches to balancing the chakras.

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Love, Light and Empathy,

Your Spiritual Planet Family



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