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How Himalayan Salt Lamps raise the Spiritual Vibrations of your Home.

Posted on March 26 2020

How Himalayan Salt Lamps raise the Spiritual Vibrations of your Home. - The Spiritual Planet

Himalayan Salt Lamps are carved from amber-colored rock salt in the foothills of the Himalayas, originating from a pristine dry seabed under the Himalayan Mountains. Many holistic practitioners enthusiastically rave about the benefits of just being in the presence of salt lamps or the salt rocks.

Himalayan Salt Lamps have gained tremendous popularity, and now there are even spa's and wellness centers with huge salt lamp spa rooms.

Salt Lamps are an amazing spiritual, all-natural tool, relieving stress and tensions and bringing peace and relaxation into your home. Here are the four ways that Himalayan Salt Lamps will boost the spiritual vibes of your home!

  1. Ambiance

The soothing glow from the Himalayan salt lamp makes for a great ambiance in any room. Turning off all the lights except the Salt Lamp, which radiates a soft amber-colored glow filling the room with a gentle glow and creates the perfect mood for relaxing, meditation, yoga, and even sleep. Every lamp is carved individually, making it unique, and no two are exactly alike. Because they are all so unique, you can fill your room with multiple lamps, and each one can bring you a completely different energy.

  1. Negative Ions and Humidity

Salt is a dry mineral that pulls in moisture because it is hygroscopic. Hygroscopic is just a scientific term meaning that the lamp attracts water vapor that exists in the air. Combined with the light bulb inside, which produces heat, the salt lamp will evaporate the accumulated moisture on the surface, releasing the purified water vapor back into the air and keeping the pollutants trapped on the salt crystal. Working as a natural humidifier, Himalayan Salt Lamps cleanse your space, making it perfect for any room in which you need to get your spiritual vibes on.

  1. Aroma Therapy

 Something rarely being talked about, but one of the coolest unconventional ways to use a Himalayan Salt Lamp is Aromatherapy. When you turn on the lamp, the lightbulb emits heat, which warms up the salt rock. When it's warm, you can use the lamp's salt crystal as an essential oil diffuser! All you do is put a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil directly on the salt lamp. No dilution is necessary!

  1. Lift Mood

Research supports that just being in the presence of Himalayan Salt Lamps and the salt crystals can lift your mood.

Whenever I see the glow of a salt lamp, I feel at home, and instantly zen. The warm light is also beneficial for those living in parts of the world where it is rainy/dark for several months of the year.

Salt Lamp/Rock Spa Rooms claim that they help soothe individuals with seasonal affective disorder, which affects those in climates with a lack of sun exposure and dark, dreary weather for months. The natural light and amber-colored ambiance lift the mood of spiritualists and holistic healers all over the world, and it works for me too!

Love, Light and Empathy,

Your Spiritual Planet Family

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