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What is Smoke Cleansing and what are the Benefits?

Posted on March 19 2020

What is Smoke Cleansing and what are the Benefits? - The Spiritual Planet

The burning of herbs for emotional, psychic, and spiritual purgation is a common practice among Native Americans and many religious, healing, and spiritual groups. 

The rite of smoke cleansing is defined as "spiritual house cleansing." 

In essence, the smoke attaches itself to damaging energy. As the smoke clears, it takes the damaging energy with it, discharging it into a different space where it is transformed into favorable energy. 

In many traditions, smoke cleansing requires a four directions ceremony or prayer, which sends off certain sorts of smoke or prayers into the four directions. 

Different groups have various prayers that program the smoke to perform a particular action, like cleansing or aiding in divination. 

Generally, smoke cleansing is used in daily life for practical intents: to restore physical, mental, and emotional balance; to screen against damaging energies; to clean yourself, your magical tools and your space; and to mend your sacred space. 

You may burn these common herbs separately or in combination with one another. One great combination that covers all four magical components of air, fire, water, and earth is pine resin and sage (either desert sage or white broadleaf sage). This compound is appropriate for universal use, cleansing, ceremony, and ritual. 

Common Herbs Used in Smoke Cleansing
 Sage / White Sage 
 Cedar / Pine 
Sweet Grass
What To Smoke Cleanse
Personal Objects 
Home / Office / Healing Space 
 When To Smoke Cleanse Yourself 
When your spirits are low 
After being around somebody who's sick or blue 
During meditation 
If in prayer 


Smoke Cleansing yourself on a day-to-day basis may help keep yourself balanced and preserve a peaceful state of being. 

But, you ought to utilize cleansing processes when you've been around individuals who are ill, blue, fearful, angry, or broadly emotionally unbalanced; before meditating to produce a calm state of being; when you're feeling depressed or blue; or when you've been under much stress. 

Smoke cleansing yourself is simple. If you're utilizing a smoke stick, light the stick on a candle, hold it in the flame till there's a lot of smoke, and the stick is ablaze well. 

Utilizing a feather or your hand, softly fan the smoke onto your body, beginning at the top of the body and moving downwards. Get the back of your body as best you can. Once you are done, breathe in a little of the smoke (just a bit!) to purify your insides. 

If you're utilizing a pot or fire bowl and loose herbs, light the herbs till it's smoking well. Then, place the fire bowl on the ground and stand over it with your legs spread out and feet on either side. 

Waver back and forth in the smoke till you've been thoroughly cleansed. Apparel is optional for this approach and smoke cleansing in the nude is advocated for a more thorough purifying. 

Again, when you are done, inhale a bit of the smoke to purify your insides. Individuals frequently feel more relaxed, lighter, and brighter following a cleansing. 

If you're going to utilize the smoke during meditation, utilize a charcoal burner or fire bowl, light the herbs, and savor the scent and smoke as you meditate. Meditating with these herbs frequently produces a more profound and longer-lasting state of relaxation and reflection. 

Love, Light and Empathy,

Your Spiritual Planet Family


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