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Top 5 Zen Gifts for Your Home

Posted on November 21 2021

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Yin Yang Candle Holder

Yin and Yang Candle Holder

Path of your heart wall hanging

Path of your Heart

Wall Hanging

Peace Dream Catcher

Peace Dream Catcher

Heart Chime

Henna Heart Chime

Spiritual Gift Ideas for a Zen Home.

  The term ''zen'' is used to describe a state of calm. You can achieve it through meditation, self-awareness, and intuition. Bring peace and comfort to your or your spiritual friend's home with our top 5 Zen picks.

  1. Zen Wall Decoration

 Inspirational wall hangings are a great gift; they are beautiful to look at, and at the same time, inspire and encourage more harmony, calm, and spirituality. 

  2. Candle Holders

 Candles in beautiful holders are always welcome and fill anybody's home with peace and serenity; when choosing a candle holder for your spiritual friends, make sure to chose gorgeous agate slices or crystal vessels as well as sustainable woods like Indian rosewood.  

 3. Cleansing Kits 

 A smoke cleansing kit is a tool to use as an energy cleanser.  Smoke cleansing calls on the spirits of sacred plants to drive away negative energies and restore balance. Using an abalone shell to catch the ash is part of Native American practice believing that using a shell, an element of water, will balance the other elements of fire, air, and earth while cleansing. 

 4. Dream Catchers 

  Beautifully handcrafted dream catchers are a fun and fashionable twist to an age-old tradition. Traditionally shaped like a circle, one believes the shape represents the circle of life and the travels of the sun and moon across the sky. Woven like a spider web, dream catchers are supposed to capture bad dreams during the night and hold them there until the sun of the day can burn them away. The strands that hang below are traditionally meant to take the good dreams and gently carry them down to the peaceful sleeper. 

 5. Himalayan Salt Lamp Diffusers Himalayan Salt Lamps are a highly sought after decor in any spiritual home. The lamps are natural air purifiers, mood boosters, and sleep promoters. Double the salt rocks' benefits and add essential oil on top of the salt crystals. The oil will naturally diffuse and spread the aroma around the room.

  Be sure to check out all our Zen Presents on our site for more great ideas. 

Love, Light and Empathy, your Spiritual Planet Family

Our Suggestions

peace on earth wall hanging

  Peace on Earth Wall Hanging   

Agate Candle Holders

Agate Candle Holders 

Budha Himalayan Salt Lamp Diffuser

Buddha Himalayan Salt Lamp Diffuser


Smoke Cleansing Kit

      Smoke Cleansing Kit   

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