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Top 7 Gifts for Your Spiritual Friends

Posted on November 21 2021

buddha with crystals
Tree of Life Leather Journal

Tree of Life Leather Journal

12 Days of Self Care Crystal Kit

12 Days of Self Care Crystal Kit

Wenge Wood Mala

Wenge Wood Mala with Fish Pendant

Rose Quartz Organite Massage Wand

Rose Quartz Organite Massage Wand

Spiritual people enjoy working on themselves, striving for greater levels of compassion.  People who practice spirituality have a mindset of awareness. They use and enjoy things to help expand their consciousness and practice mindfulness. Spiritual People are into yoga, mindfulness, meditation and  there are plenty of tools and beautiful things to gift to your spiritual friend. 

                                              Here are our top 7.  

 1. Everything About Chakras

 The chakra system is an exciting and vital topic for all spiritual souls. Understanding how energy works in the human body takes solid knowledge, so all books about chakras are always welcome.  Applying your knowledge and align your energy centers, that's where Chakra stones/crystals come in handy.

 2. Crystals

 There are many crystals out there, and to pick one as a gift seems almost impossible. Try to imagine the receiver of your gift and what you wish for them and follow your intuition. We have some great crystal sets that make fabulous presents. Look around our site and read the descriptions to assist you with your choice.

   3. Cleansing Kits

 A smoke cleansing kit is a tool to use as an energy cleanser.  Smoke cleansing calls on the spirits of sacred plants to drive away negative energies and restore balance. Using an abalone shell to catch the ash is part of Native American practice believing that using a shell, an element of water, will balance the other elements of fire, air, and earth while cleansing. 

   4. Journals

 A journal is a perfect gift for those who like to write down their thoughts, actions, or plans. Journaling lets your mind roam free and is the ideal tool to enhance mindfulness, self-awareness, and creativity. There are many different designs; find one that is peaceful and serene to promote relaxation while writing.     

   5. Spiritual Jewelry

 Tibetan mantra beaded bracelets or malas are super popular; gliding the beads through your fingers while silently ( or out loud) chanting a mantra will calm and relax your body and mind.  

  6. Travel Altars

 Travel Altars are the perfect choice for your on-the-go spiritual friend. They should contain everything they need to meditate, pray, and make themselves at home outside of their home.     

  7. Singing Bowls 

 Singing Bowls have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes; their beautiful and relaxing sounds can help reduce stress and anxiety and increase mental and emotional clarity. Singing bowls come in many different sizes and fit every budget.   

Love, Light and Empathy, your Spiritual Planet Family

Our Suggestions

Sanskrit Chakra Set

  Sanskrit Chakra Set      

Gold Bodhi Travel altar

Gold Bodhi Travel Altar  

Black Obsidian Protection Kit

Black Obsidian Protection S49.95

Smoke Cleansing Kit

      Smoke Cleansing Kit   

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